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Nov 9, 2013 6:30pm EST
hasn't khapbchance to launch it. he was hoping to run one of those famous obama campaigns and go out and draw crowds and talk up the project. nstead, he is explaining and apologizi apologizing. really, what he has to do now is buy time. hat is what they are trying to do. they are trying -- the white house is trying to stave off attempts from congress to change the law and maybe reopen the law. what they really are hoping will can hold out s until the end of november when if things go as they planned the website will be up and running, people will be signing up and ou will start to get these testimonials from satisfied customers they hope will help down the problem. gwen: so the apology after the health and human services apologized and now the president. looking at of them him bleeding in the polls and thinking we have to put an end to that? exactly k that is right. they are careful about the they cede to those that would like to change the law. it started low level and worked food chain and finally the president had to say those words, i am sorry. >> why are they so averse to changing t
Nov 16, 2013 1:30am PST
angst it caused democratic supporters or what it revealed about barack obama himself? >> i think clearly what we saw about the president was the most important thing of the week. we've known that the website was having significant problems. we've known that this has provided an opening for the republicans. what we saw this week was a president is was as contrite as we've ever seen him, clearly on his heels on this and i think recognizing how the situation he's anyhow in is different than anything he's really faced as president and unless they can get both the health care plan fixed and restore some measure of credibility more generally to his presidency, his second term is at risk. gwen: john, what exactly -- you're sitting at home and kind of paying attention to this you know that something went wrong with the plan and a lot went wrong with the website. but what happened with thanpl that the president felt he had to fix? >> well, the way the health care law is working is actually -- if you set the website aside, is how it was expected to work, how they knew it was going to work.
Nov 1, 2013 8:00pm EDT
happen, for this health care system to work as president obama has promised us that it will, is that a lot of healthy people are going to have to sign up for these exchanges along with sick people. we know that people with pre-existing conditions, with illnesses, we know that they are very motivated and they are going to sit there and do whatever it takes to get into these exchanges. now the question is, is it going to function well enough that young healthy people will as well? gwen: we know that right now, young healthy people or anybody can't really get on the site. and that the administration is guilty of at least overstating whether people would be able to keep the coverage they want right now. >> one of the things that has emerged and we've all read about it and probably know people who've talked about this is that there are a small but sizable number of americans, a percentage that's roughly 5%, are in the individual market, that have gotten letters from their insurance companies. private insurance companies. these are the plans that they supposedly liked and wanted to keep. t
Nov 22, 2013 7:30pm PST
democrats were quick to focus on this week, not just president obama, all future presidents will have a stronger prerogative to fill the government with the people they want to work for them and seems like a very basic thing to support. on the downside there's something called minority rights which is sort of what makes the united states senate the united states senate which gives each senator an equal amount of importance in the chamber. the idea any of them can come up the works is sort of what makes it a special place. now the democrats have said the majority rule can change the rules of the senate and that in such a significant way changes the way this chamber is going to work. >> so, sue, what does it look forward -- the supreme court, what does it mean for supreme court nomination? >> that's one of the big questions and part of the reason they didn't go nuclear and walked to the line and walked back was this idea you could go too far. they drew the line. what they did is it only changes executive nominations like officials and all but the judges of the supreme court and it's a s
Nov 30, 2013 1:30am PST
look around and say obama is having so much trouble on his own with obamacare, with his health care program. that to have a government shutdown would only get in the way of a period that's not really good for him. >> that means they have to agree to funding the government then. so all these levels and things are still -- they've not made any progress as near as i can tell. and it's still going to come up to the very last minute which i guess would be january 14. because that deadline is january 16. gwen: under all of these concerns is the economy. what exactly are we doing to bolster the economy? get jobs? we got questions about that. this is from lorna on facebook. she says my children are drowning in student debt. and jobs are not meeting their educational success. one daughter with two master's degrees is making less than $14 an hour. so how do you speak to families like that, karen? >> i went and i looked up the statistics when i saw that question. and in fact, student debt has surged 45% in the last three years alone. the average graduate of the class of 2013 left college with
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)